Increase Brand sales by gaining retail knowledge on Ingredients, product pricing, service and supply bundles and more.

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The Basic Lesson Plan


  • Learn how to register your beauty business right here. This package includes all the information you need to legally start your business, as well as some insider tips.
  • Here you’ll learn about: EIN Numbers, Accounting Systems, Business Banking, Licenses & Permits, Internal Documents & Contracts, Insurance, Compliance, and more.
The Exclusive Lesson Plan


  • Includes everything from the Beauty Business Startup Plan plus…
  • Learn about Starting Your Own Brand. Here you’ll learn about: The Pros and Cons of Starting Your Own Brand, The Best Products for Your Brand, How to Get Things Started and more.
  • Learn about Marketing. Here you’ll learn about: Building a Marketing Plan, Finding the Right Marketing Tools for Your Business, How to Budget for Marketing, and more.
  • Learn about Pricing Your Products. Here you’ll learn about: How to Determine Your Profit Margin, How to Run a Cost Analysis on Your Business, How Much Your Products Should Cost, and more.
  • Learn about Keeping Track of Your Inventory. Here you’ll learn about: The Best Way to Keep Track of Your Stock, How Much Inventory You Should Have on Hand, Knowing When It’s Time to Order More Product, and more
The VIP Lesson Plan


  • Includes everything from the Exclusive Lesson Plan plus…
  • Learn about Creating a Business Plan. Here you’ll learn about: Creating a Lean Canvas, Creating a Pitch Desk, Writing a Grant Proposal, and more.
  • Learn about Getting Funding for Your Company. Here you’ll learn about: How to Apply for Grants, The Types of Grants Available for You, How to Find Investors, The Pros and Cons of Getting an Investor, Finding the Right Investors for You, and more.
Our company works with a collective of amazing partners striving to build brands.
Ryze Manufacturing is the first private label branding company to offer product customization through the powerful benefits of pure essential oils . Our unique small batch formulation products are responsibly sourced from a supply chain of Women farmers, vendors and scientists.